Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This has been an exciting week, full of changes, at the Rogers' house. Miles will be 3 in October, so we thought is was about time to move him out of his crib. Plus, every time he rolled over, he hit the side of the crib and woke up...not fun.

Matthew has been asking for bunk beds for a while now, so we decided to move Matthew's full size bed in to Miles' room and get bunk beds for Matthew. Their rooms look so different, but they both slept GREAT in their new beds!

We still have to get Miles' a comforter, but he does not currently sleep with one, so that is not a necessity.

The boys love Matthew's new bunk beds. They say it is their tent. I love it because it has LOTS of storage!

This is an exciting, but sad time for me. My boys are growing up. I do not have babies anymore. I have 2 big boys, who sleep in big boy beds. Life is Good.