Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Day Fun

Sunday night we received 7 inches of snow!

Our house.

A view from the back yard.

The boys were very excited. They could not wait to go out and play. Matthew's favorite snow activity is snowball fighting! Our swing set is perfect for snowball wars. Matthew and I teamed up together against Daddy. We camped out behind the climbing wall, but Daddy still got in his fair share of good shots.

Miles' favorite snow activity was swinging, which is also his favorite non-snow activity! :)

We built a snowman. He's a Tennessee fan (of course).

We also made snow angels.

The boys tried to jump on the trampoline...didn't work out too well. They ended up throwing snowballs at Daddy who was on the outstide.

Everything was going well until a stray snowball hit Miles.

We LOVE snow days!

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