Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School!

It's August and that means school! I know, I know. School has been back in swing for about 3 weeks now, but things are just now calming down enough for me to blog about it. Last year Special Education received some money from the government. We were able to order new materials and equipment for our classrooms. This was probably a once in a lifetime chance for me... All of my things did not arrive until the middle of May, so I really was not able to fully benefit from them last year. I was really excited about the start of school this year. I went in early in the summer and arranged my classroom. These are a few of my new "toys"...

My Promethean ActivBoard. This piece of equipment is AMAZING! I cannot imagine teaching a single day without it. It is very interactive for my students. They are able to touch the board with the ActivPen and it works just like a mouse. Because I teach special education and have students in K-5, my board is adjustable in height. I can raise it for my taller students and lower it for my smaller ones. I also have an ActivWand, which is basically a long ActivPen, and an AcitivSlate, a portable tablet that is connected to my board and I can use from anywhere in my room. These pieces of equipment aid my students in wheelchairs with using the ActivBoard.

In this picture you will see two of my new goodies. First a 32" flat panel TV, fully equipped with a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit, for Physical Therapy Purposes! I did not order these, but all the CDC classes in the county received them. I thought that was pretty cool. Second, a SMART Table. This is basically a table that is a touch screen computer. Students are able to stand around it and touch the table top to interact with the computer program. It is very neat. I did not order this piece either, but I am very excited to have it!

This picture is all the storage units I ordered. I am very OCD when it comes to organization. I like for everything to have a place and for it to be labeled. I was SOOOOO excited to get these pieces of furniture. I feel so much more relaxed and at ease knowing that everything has a proper place! I also use the small storage bins for centers for my students. Each student has 4 bins that have centers practicing skills specifically chosen for that child. I LOVE IT!

In this last picture you will see my 4 brand new computers, 3 of which have touch screen monitors! These computers are sitting on my new computer desks. My students love computers and I have so many programs that are created to assist in teaching special needs students, now I have computers that will run fast enough for us to use them!

In that last photo you also see my behavior management bulletin board. The Accelerated Reader theme at our school this year is "Reading Road Trip". Everything revolves around transportation. I have always used the colors Red, Yellow, and Green in my behavior management systems, but this year, I actually get to use a red light! I think it turned our really cute!

I am SUPER excited about this school year. All of my new material and equipment is making my life easier and my teaching more exciting! Come visit anytime and I will give you the actual tour! (It's more exciting in real life :)