Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Grab My Button
Today's Top Two Tuesday is your favorite TV shows. We do not watch a lot of TV and what we do watch is on DVR. We watch shows every other Thusday when the boys are staying with Michael's mom. Our life is very exciting!

#1 No Doubt!

I have watched Criminal Minds for about a year now and I am hooked! I think I have watched almost every episode. I love the all day marathons on New Years and the 4th!

#2 A Close Second

We have watched this show from the very beginning. The first seasons were definately the best! Last season...not so much. However, this season has turned out to be pretty good.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


In high school science I learned about voluntary and involuntary reflexes. I never really cared much for science, so I didn’t pay much attention. Breathing, one of our involuntary reflexes, is something that I (and most people) take for granted. At least I did take it for granted until April of 2008. That is when Matthew had his first asthma attack. I will never forget that night:
I was pregnant with Miles and had been diagnosed with placenta previa. Due to this condition, I was not permitted to lift Matthew. Michael was at the school for Father-Son Night, so Matthew and I were staying at Mom’s until he got home. Matthew had a runny nose all day, no big deal. Around 6:30, he began having trouble breathing. His chest started caving in…it looked as though his ribs were going to touch his back bone. I called the nurse on call to see exactly what I needed to do. (I was very calm. Michael had asthma as a child and I had heard all of his mom’s horror stories. I had expected this was going to happen sooner or later.) I explained to the nurse what was happening.
Her first response, “How far away from a hospital are you?”
I told her, “15 minutes.”
She then said the words that stopped my heart, “Listen to me very carefully. You need to hang up with me and call 911 right now.” I began to panic. I was thinking that my baby was not going to live through the next 15 minutes. I followed her instructions. When I had told the 911 operator the situation, I gave the phone to mom for her to give other information while I called Michael.
When Michael answered his phone, I lost it. I began crying uncontrollably. I tried to explain, but just told him to come to mom’s NOW! I regained composure and joined mom in the bedroom with Matthew. The 911 operator told her we needed to run the shower of hot full blast and hold Matthew up so the steam would hit him in the face. I turned on the shower, while mom grabbed Matthew (remember my doctor’s orders, no lifting Matthew…TOURTURE!) We stayed in the bathroom until the Ambulance arrived. The paramedics came in and listened to his lungs. They said he was moving air well. They told me to take him to the doctor first thing the next morning for a follow up. They said if he started having trouble again to repeat the steam treatment.
I do not think Michael or I slept at all that night. We had to repeat the steam treatment one time during the night. When I took Matthew to the doctor the next day, he was diagnosed with asthma. We were given a Nebulizer (breathing machine) and treatments to give him at home. These were for emergencies only.
Since that time, Matthew has been hospitalized two times with asthma complications. He is now on daily nebulizer treatments and other asthma meds.
Matthew has been doing extremely well the past few months. It had been 10 months since his last asthma attack, until Friday night. Mom called me in a panic at 11:30 Friday night. Matthew was staying the night with her and he was having a pretty bad attack.
Even after all the asthma attacks and hospitalizations, every attack is just as scary as the first. I hate seeing my baby hurting and scared. I hate the helpless feeling of knowing there is nothing I can do. Administer the meds and hope they work. My hope and prayer is that one day he grows out of it like Michael did. Until then, I pray that God keeps him strong enough to make through any more attacks that might come his way.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Last week, Michael and I were rearranging the living room furniture for the fourth time since Christmas, when it occurred to us, "Our living room furniture is way too big for our living room." So, we decided to sell it and buy new furniture. We thought this process could take a while, however, we were wrong. Here we are, just one week later and the process is complete. We have sold our old furniture, bought new furniture, had it delivered, and...WE LOVE IT! It looks amazing! (And nothing like our old furniture, may I add)

This is my favorite piece of new furniture. I love it! It is so...me!

I had to show a close up of the fabric. Cool, huh?

Now that our living room looks so good, it has inspired us to want to improve the entire house. Painting baseboards, painting door frames, new comforter, new curtains, new shades, new blinds...Of course not all at once. We have big plans for spring break...Big plans. More pictures to come!