Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I LOVE GIVE AWAYS! The Modest Mom is giving away a skirt. I LOVE the sailor skirt! So cute!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


This has been an exciting week, full of changes, at the Rogers' house. Miles will be 3 in October, so we thought is was about time to move him out of his crib. Plus, every time he rolled over, he hit the side of the crib and woke up...not fun.

Matthew has been asking for bunk beds for a while now, so we decided to move Matthew's full size bed in to Miles' room and get bunk beds for Matthew. Their rooms look so different, but they both slept GREAT in their new beds!

We still have to get Miles' a comforter, but he does not currently sleep with one, so that is not a necessity.

The boys love Matthew's new bunk beds. They say it is their tent. I love it because it has LOTS of storage!

This is an exciting, but sad time for me. My boys are growing up. I do not have babies anymore. I have 2 big boys, who sleep in big boy beds. Life is Good.

Monday, June 13, 2011


One of the greatest things about being a teacher is SUMMER! I have an extra perk in that Michael is also a teacher too. So, not only do I get to spend EVERY DAY with my precious boys, so does my amazing husband. That has not been the case this summer. Michael has been taking a class at Lee for the past week. He is learning how to teach Algebra…YUCK! Anyways, it has been sweet and sour. While I do love being home with my boys and having all of their attention, I miss Michael being home with us. Michael has 3 more days of class left and I am counting the minutes! I am so ready to start our summer break as a family.

Right now, my summer days typically go something like this:
8:30 am – I hear Miles yelling, “Mommy! My Mommy!” from his room. (P.S. This is
the best way in the world to wake up “ :)
8:30 – 9:30 – Miles and I lay in my bed and watch cartoons and doze.
9:30 – 11:00 – I fix Miles breakfast and then we play. (I promise I have two children…one is just a late sleeper)
11:00 – 11:30 - It is around this time that Matthew either wakes on his own or I
wake him.

After Matthew is awake, we either play or go swimming. My parents
and Michael’s parents both have pools, so we go swimming 3-4 times per week. My
boys are WATER BUGS too! They love the water. Matthew learned to swim without
his floaties at the end of last summer, so he is not tied down at all. Both boys
are not afraid to get their faces wet or go under. They jump in and do all kinds
of tricks. Here are just a few pics.

Shooting the basketball as he is jumping in. Talented :)

My pool time cuties!

Jumping through the Ring!

We love summer! Life is Good.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

I'm Not Ready...

There are many things in life that we prepare ourselves for. It is a natural feeling to want to be prepared for things in life. For the most part, we handle things better if we are prepared for them. Life in the Rogers’ household has been hectic lately, to say the least. Just recently I have realized a few things that I am just not ready for…

1. F.I.V.E.

My little, sweet, precious first born, Matthew, turned 5 on Friday! Yes, I said it, 5. F.I.V.E. I can’t believe it. Has is already been 5 years? It seems impossible, yet Friday, he blew out the 5 candles on his Toy Story birthday cake.

Matthew has always gotten books from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. He loves going to the mailbox and pulling out a book that is addressed to him. About a month ago he got a book in the mail titled, “Kindergarten, Here I Come!” Inside the front cover was a letter from Dolly Parton explaining that this was to be his last book. LAST BOOK!?! What? Then I remembered that kids get books until they turn 5 and that is the age my baby boy was about to be. As we read the book together we discussed things that he would be doing in Kindergarten next year.
A few weeks ago, Matthew’s preschool class visited all the Kindergarten classes in our school. Since that time, all Matthew has talked about was whose class he wants to be in and which friends he wants in there with him. Logically, I know that nothing will actually change next year. He will still ride to school with me. We will hang out in my classroom until it is time for him to go to class. I will see him throughout the day. I guess it is just the fact that he will now actually be in school. Preschool doesn’t technically count. He will be a Kindergartener. I can’t believe how much he has changed and grown up in the past 5 years. He is so independent now. I love the stage that Matthew is in now. He can do many things on his own…and yet he still needs me. I guess part of me is just not ready for him to grow up just yet.

2. The “C” Word

My daddy went to the doctor recently because the Lymph Node on the side of his neck was swollen. The doctor prescribed him some antibiotics, but they did not make much of a difference. He was then sent to a specialist, Dr. M. Dr. M was very concerned and quickly scheduled blood work, CT Scan, and surgery to remove, what was thought to be a small mass in his neck.
Thursday was the day of the surgery. He was at the Surgery Center at 6:45 am. After viewing the CT scan, Dr. M decided to run a scope down daddy’s throat to check to see if he saw any masses on the inside. He did. There was a small mass on daddy’s right tonsil. Dr. M removed the tonsil. He decided not to try to remove the mass on the neck. He said he felt more comfortable doing that in a hospital. The mass from the tonsil was sent off to be biopsied; the results should be in on Tuesday. The words “Lymphoma” and “Discuss treatment options” were all thrown around.

Daddy with Miles.

My daddy has battled skin cancer for years, but all of his biopsies have returned benign. He is also a chronic smoker. So I’ve always known that there was a good chance that my daddy would one day have a fight with cancer. I guess I just didn’t realize it would be this soon. I always pictured it way later in his life. My boys were both grown and out of the house, that way I had lots of time to devote to taking care of him. I also needed this time to bring daddy to Christ.
My mother has always been the one to take me to church. My daddy would come occasionally, but for the most part, it was just mom and me. About 8 years ago my nephew asked daddy to come to church with us and to our surprise, he came. To our surprise again, he kept coming! He came to every service for about 2 years. He started to study his Bible and ask some questions. I thought, “Finally! This is it! Daddy is starting to see the Light!” Then, for no apparent reason, he missed a service. Then 2. Then 3. Now it has been 6 years’ worth of services missed. We ask him to come; he just says “No.” He will occasionally come hear Michael preach at Benton, but nothing regular. I have tried to talk with him about it, but he says very little. I finally resigned to myself that he is as stubborn as me and will come around when he is ready. “I just need to continue to be a good example and he will eventually see the error of his ways.” After Thursday, I realized that we may not have the time for him to come around on his own. I realized…I’m not ready! Obviously, I’m not ready to lose my daddy. More importantly, I not ready to give my daddy over to the Devil! I haven’t fought hard enough! I need more time! I need time to discuss, study, and come up with a plan of attack…but what if I don’t have that kind of time? What am I going to do? That is a question I am not ready to answer…

I AM ready for a few things though…

1. I AM ready to be a more patient wife and mother.
2. I AM ready to be a better example to my family and friends.
3. I AM ready to be a better giver of my time and my money.
4. I AM ready to fight harder to win souls to Christ.
5. I AM ready to stop worrying so much about the things of this world.
6. I AM ready to focus on heavenly things.
7. I AM ready to focus on a closer walk with God.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowy Day Fun

Sunday night we received 7 inches of snow!

Our house.

A view from the back yard.

The boys were very excited. They could not wait to go out and play. Matthew's favorite snow activity is snowball fighting! Our swing set is perfect for snowball wars. Matthew and I teamed up together against Daddy. We camped out behind the climbing wall, but Daddy still got in his fair share of good shots.

Miles' favorite snow activity was swinging, which is also his favorite non-snow activity! :)

We built a snowman. He's a Tennessee fan (of course).

We also made snow angels.

The boys tried to jump on the trampoline...didn't work out too well. They ended up throwing snowballs at Daddy who was on the outstide.

Everything was going well until a stray snowball hit Miles.

We LOVE snow days!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Let me preface by saying sorry...I know this post is a little late and a little long.

October was a busy month, but it was also a very exciting one for the Rogers household...

1. BIRTHDAYS. Miles' turned two on October 6!

During October we also celebrated Michael's, Mamaw Judy's, Cousin Hannah's, and Uncle Jody's birthdays!

2. COMPLETION. I completed my Master's on October 15! :)

3. FALL BREAK. October 15th also started Fall Break. Since Michael and I are both teachers, this is a very exciting time for us. We really enjoy being off at the same time. We did not want to take a long trip because we have such little time to be home with the boys, but we did ask Matthew what he would like to do over the Break. He said, "I want to go bowling at the Bowling Factory!" That was definitely a request that we could honor. We made a deal with Aunt Nise...if she would watch Miles for a few hours, we would take her girls bowling with us.

Matthew LOVED bowling! He did really well too. On some of his turns he didn't even use the gutter guards.

Hannah had an interesting form...she threw her ball as hard as she could at the gutter guard. It would bounce from guard to guard and 95% of the time the ball hit right in the middle. We have no idea how she did it. We bowled 3 games...I beat Michael 2 out of 3. I think everyone had a great time!

4. PUMPKIN PATCH. We have taken Matthew to the pumpkin patch every year since he was 1. However, this was the first year we have taken Miles. He LOVED it! Matthew wanted Grace to go with us, shocker! :)

Matthew and Grace rode the "Cow Train".

Miles did not want to ride, so we just watched.

Everyone enjoyed the hayride.

Everyone picked a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Miles was so excited to have a pumpkin. It just made his day. He talked about his pumpkin for days!

Hurray for the Pumpkin Patch!

5. GRANT. I teach special education at Waterville Community Elementary. My first year at WCES I started a campaign to raise money to fund a Handicapped Accessible Playground. We have done a letter writing fundraiser, many building level fundraisers, and written a variety of grants. For 3 years straight I have written the Healthy Community Initiative Grant through the County Commission and money from the sale of the hospital. I was notified on October 28th that I was awarded my grant! The $23,000 from the HCI grant will allow us to complete out playground project. We are planning to install in February! I will post pictures as soon as I have some.


October was a busy month, but it reminded me how lucky and blessed I am. Life is Good!

Friday, November 5, 2010

2 years ago...

My baby turned 2 on October 6. 2 years ago I was admitted to the hospital on a Monday morning at 12:01 am to be induced. The nurses said, "Since your first baby came so easily, your little man should be here by 8:00 am." Miles had different plans! I was in labor all day. The nurse came in around noon to check on me. She said that the anesthesiologist was in the building and I should go ahead and get my epidural. I was not hurting bad, but I decided to go ahead (just in case)... Epidural #1 did not take. I still was not in pain, so I decided not to try again. Around 4:00 the nurse came in and asked if I was ready to try the epidural again. I was unsure, but my sister told me to try again, in case I needed a C-section. Epidural #2 did not take. A different anesthesiologist came in and tried a third time. Finally, it took! Good thing, because at 6:30, Dr. Child's came in and said that I need a C-section. The cord was caught around some part of Miles' body. Every time I had a contraction, his heart rate was dropping. I was prepped, wheeled into the OR, and within 4 minutes, I gave birth to a "bungee jumper". At least that is what Dr. Child's said, because the cord was wrapped around his feet. :)

I cannot believe it has been 2 years already. He is growing so fast.

He LOVES Veggie Tales, so that was the theme of his birthday party. He was so excited to see Bob and Larry on his cake.

He was also very excited when he opened Buzz and Woody toys!

He is so different from Matthew and doing so many new things. I love every new stage and I know that each day brings some new adventure and experience for my little family. Life is good.